5 rules to follow as you find your spark by Simon Sinek

I’m an entrepreneurship major so hearing Simon Sinek speak about the golden circle and what makes great leaders has fascinated me. Recently, I stumbled across a speech he gave about the 5 rules to follow as you find your spark and was surprised to hear him talk about self-development as I had previously only encountered him in a business context. In this speech, he introduces 5 rules to guide your life by. Here they are with my interpretation

  • Go after the things you want

There are two ways to look at the world: you can either see what you want or what keeps you from getting what you want. Go after what it is you want – as long as you do not get in the way of anyone else going after what they want.

  • Sometimes you are the problem

As you go through life, take accountability for your actions – the right and the wrong ones. You can take all the praise for your behavior as longs as you also reflect all the criticism. Acknowledge which factors of your behavior contributed to criticism and learn from them.

  • Take care of each other

The world is too difficult to do things alone and humans advance through helping each other. The most valuable lesson to learn is to accept help when it is offered and ask for it when it is needed. Consequently, show up for the people around you when they need help, especially if they have brought up the courage to ask for it.

  • Learn to be the last to speak

Listen to what others say and do not react to it – rather, try to understand why someone has their opinion, not just what their opinion is. Let everyone be heard and only then speak for yourself.  You cannot only benefit from hearing other opinions but also learn to understand which factors are vital to the other person. Learn to listen and speak last as great leaders do.

  • The perks of your role are not for you

Be grateful for all the perks you have worked for and achieved, but remember that they come with the success of your role and are not for you. Embrace humility and see that your role is not you. This will keep you from getting used to the perks and remind you what you are deserving of, which is at most a basic need fulfilling.

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